Jeanne Thomas

Broker Associate

Mount Dora

About Jeanne Thomas

CEO of All Things @ Your Next Address, a trusted advisor for Sellers and Buyers moving to their next address! About me, and what this means to you: I am a Broker-Associate, so I have additional education and skills to assist you. I am a Realtor® and adhere to an industry Code of Ethics. I am dedicated, a full-time agent to represent you. I am professional, kind, and strive for good working relationships with others. I am a skilled negotiator, able to facilitate successful transactions. I am a detailed communicator, a good listener and responsive with follow-up. I am marketing focused, providing targeted exposure to sell your property. I have homebuilding experience and understand how to buy and build new homes. I have waterfront experience and understand living in and maintaining waterfront homes. I have distressed properties experience and know the risks and rewards of fixer-uppers. I have investment experience to assist you in building your real estate portfolio. I have a strong business acumen to provide a team of trusted referrals for you. I am technology forward to supply research, knowledge, and efficiency. I stay informed to share helpful and relevant information for your real estate activities.

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